Appendix A

School Staff as at 1st September 2018 


Senior Staff

Executive Head Teacher:                                               Mr G. Wilder OBE

Deputy Executive Head Teacher:                                  Mrs M. Pryor

Head of School:                                                             Mr J. Bell 

Teaching Staff     

Miss Warnes

Miss Poyntz   

Miss Tuck

Miss Kerr

Mrs Solanki

Mrs Willis

Mrs O’Connell

Mrs Ocansey

Mrs Taylor

Mr Fox

Mr Jobin

Mrs Goddard

Mrs Manning

Miss Aboagye

Mrs Cross

Mrs Syed

Mr Harber

Miss Haslam

Mrs Gill

Non-Teaching Staff

Business Manager:                                     Mrs. L. Fernandes

Admin Assistant                                           Mrs. K. Goodfellow

School Assistant                                          Mrs. S. Arnold

Admin Assistant                                           Miss. A Boxall

School Caretaker:                                        Mr. D. Ellis

Attendance Officer                                       Mrs V. Akintunde

Human Resources Manager:                     Miss. T. Murphy

Parent Support Advisor                               Mrs E. Simmonds


Special School Assistants

Mrs P. Brown

Mrs W. Kenny

Mrs T. Butler

Mrs S. Lobb

Mrs J. Sherwood

Mrs J. Cardwell

Mrs C. Avery

Mrs T. Harrison

Mrs D. Barclay

Ms T.Donnelly

Miss S. Patel

Mrs R. Amui

Appendix B

Furze and Warren Hard Federation

Membership of Governing Body - September 2017



List of Governors


Mrs. G. Paddle:                     Chair of governors

Mr. R. Curtis:                         Co-opted governor

Dr. J. Finch:                          Co-opted governor

Mrs. R. Fabian:                     Parent governor

Mr. G. Wilder OBE                Executive Headteacher

Miss. S. Tuck                        Staff Governor

Mrs. M. Pryor                        Staff Governor

Mrs. E Murkin                       Co-opted governor


Appendix C

Warren Junior School Results

2015/2016 Results as Percentages


These tables show the percentage of year 6 children achieving each level in the school in 2016.


Figures may not total 100 per cent because of rounding.



Percentage at each level

Number of pupils 121










Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling












Percentage at each level

Number of pupils 121









































HNM    Has not met the required standard for most 11 year olds

BLW     Below if the standard of the pre-key stage – to be reported with P-scales or NOTSEN

L          Left

A          Absent

WTS     Working towards the expected standard

EXS     Working at the expected standard

GDS     Working at greater depth at the expected standard

AS        Achieved standard

NS        Not achieved standard


Comparative information combined reading, writing and maths


                         School                     National      

                           73%                       53%



Appendix D


Pupil Welfare Behaviour Programme


The Warren Junior School community sees Pupil Behaviour, Pastoral and Welfare support as a positive and co-operative effort involving Teachers, Parents and Pupils of the school.


It is not an isolated programme, but an integral component of our General Education Policies. Our Pupil Behaviour and Welfare Programme caters for and allows our school and each class the responsibility of formulating a clear, consistent and appropriate set of classroom and playground expectations.


Our Pupil Behaviour, Pastoral and Welfare Programme is a reflection of our commitment to Whole School Planning.


The evaluation of this programme is ongoing and programmed for regular review by staff and the Governing Body.


We should keep in mind that appropriate behaviour is a mainly self discipline, and the most effective way to foster this is through children realising and accepting responsibility for the outcomes of their own actions.

This Behaviour Support Programme is underpinned by:-


  1. a) The values and attitudes promoted in the school Prospectus.


  1. b) The values and attitudes promoted in the Home School Partnership Agreement.




A full copy of our ‘Pupil Welfare & Behaviour Support Programme’ is available from the school office.


All pupils admitted to the school will receive a copy of the programme and the ‘Home School Partnership Agreement.’



School policies such as, the Single Equality Scheme and subsequent action plan, are available upon request from the school office.

Attendance relating to:
Collective Worship, Religious Education & Sex Education

As parents, you have the right to withdraw your child from Collective Worship, Religious Education and Sex Education lessons. If you wish to do so, please put your request in writing; however you may wish to discuss the matter first.

Appendix E

Term begins for pupils on Tuesday 5th September 2017

Years 4, 5 and 6 begin at 8:45am

Year 3 begin at 9:30am on this day only; 8:45 thereafter.



School Closure Dates


School closes                          Friday 20th October – 3pm

Autumn Half-Term                Monday 23rd October          Friday 27th October

Pupils return                            Monday 30th October - 8:45am


School closes                          Friday 15th December – 1:30pm

Christmas 2016                     Monday 18th December        Tuesday 2nd January

Pupils return                            Wednesday 3rd January – 8:45am


School closes                          Friday 9th February – 3pm

Spring Half-Term                  Monday 12th February          Friday 16th February

Pupils return                            Monday 19th February – 8:45am


School closes                          Thursday 29th March – 1:30pm

Easter 2017                            Friday 30th March                  Friday 13th April

Pupils return                            Monday 16th April – 8:45am


School closes                          Friday 4th May – 3pm

May Day                                 Monday 7th May

Pupils return                            Tuesday 8th May


School closes                          Friday 25th May 3pm

Summer Half-Term               Monday 28th May                   Monday 4th June

Pupils return                            Tuesday 5th June 8:45am


Last day of term                    Friday 20th July

School closes                          1:30pm





  • To be added to the above are INSET days yet to be arranged.
  • You will be notified through newsletters about the INSET day closures and any changes that may occur during the year. 


Appendix F

Pupil Absence and Attendance 2015/2016


                                    Pupils            Attendance  Authorised   Unauthorised

                                                                   %              Absence       Absence

Warren Junior

2015/16                      494                             96.26              3.74    (combined)

2014/15                      470                             95.2                4.8       (combined)

2013/14                      476                             95.98              4.02    (combined)

2012/13                      430                             95.48              4.52    (combined)

2011/12                      446                             95.3                4.7       (combined)

2010/11                      429                             94.6                5.4       (combined

2009/10                      421                             94.7                5.3       (combined)



Average B&D Juniors

2015/16                                                          95.7                4.3       (combined)

2014/15                                                          95.7                4.3       (combined)

2013/14                                                          95.6                4.4       (combined)

2012/13                                                          95.6                4.4       (combined)

2011/12                                                          95.7                4.3       (combined)

2010/11                                                          94.8                5.2       (combined)

2009/10                                                          94.6                5.4       (combined)

2008/09                                                          93.8                6.2       (combined)




National attendance 2015/16                  96%



  1. For the purpose of the DFE Return the school year is considered to end on Friday 27th May 2016.
  2. Figures may not add exactly to 100% due to rounding.


Parents have a legal responsibility to ensure their child's regular attendance at school and parents are responsible for their child's welfare both coming to school and returning home.


Appendix G


Contact Details


Please ensure that the school is notified immediately if you should move home or change phone number/s.





If your child has vomited or has diarrhoea your child must be 24 hours clear from the last incident before returning to school.


If your child is unable to attend school for any reason please leave a message on the Attendance Hotline number: - 020 8724 1919. If you need to leave a message on the answerphone please include your child’s name, class and a brief explanation for the absence.  Please follow up your message with a written note when your child eventually returns to school.



Car Park


Parents/Carers are not permitted to use Gordon Road Car Park entrance as this is for staff and deliveries only and provides no access into the playground.



Exclusion times


Children will not be admitted into school after 11.50am, for the morning session or before 12.55pm for the afternoon session. Please ensure that if your child is late for either session they are brought to the school office by a responsible adult.



School Uniform


Uniform: white shirt/blouse/polo, grey trousers/skirt, green sweatshirt/fleece, white or grey socks, black shoes


PE Kit: white vest/t-shirt, navy shorts, plimsolls for indoors, trainers/plimsolls for outdoors.


We would like to remind you that children are required to do PE unless they are medically excused.


To enable us to return lost property items promptly we strongly advise that all garments are clearly labelled with your child’s name.





Dogs are not permitted on school premises. In addition we respectfully ask you to leave your dogs at home as some of our pupils find it quite intimidating to pass a dog tied up outside the school gate at close quarters.