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Warren Junior School

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Information about the Inclusion Support Group


At Warren Junior School we have always believed that children have their best opportunities to thrive and meet their full potential if all areas of their development are supported.

A famous educationist called Maslow, in a 1943 paper entitled “A theory of human motivation” proposed that humans are motivated when various needs are met. Warren Junior School has always maintained that children learn best when all pupils have met certain preconditions for learning. Maslow listed the hierarchy of needs as: psychological needs, safety needs, needs of love, needs for esteem and needs for self actualisation. As a school we believe that ensuring these needs are met provides a secure foundation upon which children have the best chance to learn.

This holistic approach to learning has supported children at Warren Junior School to consistently high academic results and emotional resilience that has prepared them well for their next steps of their journey in education.

 The Inclusion Support Group, is made up of:

  •  Mr Harber – Special Educational Needs Coordinator
  • Mrs Taylor – Emotional Wellbeing Coordinator
  • Mrs Simmonds – Parent Support Advisor
  • Miss Wixted – School Counsellor


 If you would like to speak to a member of the Inclusion Support Group please do so my contacting the school office on 020 8270 4680.