British Values



At Warren Junior School, we celebrate the diversity of culture and heritage that we are fortunate to have. Teaching the core values that ensure a flourishing community is a key component of life in our school and supports pupils in becoming well rounded individuals capable of making valuable contributions within society. Schools are required to promote specific ‘British values’, namely: democracy; the rule of law; mutual respect; individual liberty; tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. These and other values have always been a key element of our curriculum and continue to be taught at Warren Junior School by means of school assemblies, religious education and PSHE (personal, social and health education) lessons.



The concept of ‘pupil voice’ is prominent at Warren Junior School as children are given the opportunity to shape their own school experiences. Whilst familiarising pupils with national and international values of democracy and governance, we recognise the significance of practising those values through engagement with ‘pupil voice by:

- Election of class representatives on to the Warren Junior School Forum

- Regular forum meetings for pupils to decide upon matters of importance to them

- Pupil led questionnaires and interviews to make decisions based on majority opinion


Rule of law

Familiarisation with rules and routines is a fundamental element of life with which pupils engage at Warren Junior School. Understanding how rules offer protection and safety, and being aware of the consequences of good and bad decisions, is essential in ensuring that pupils make the right choices. We support pupils in this by:

- Assembly and PSHE lessons reinforce the school’s behaviour systems

- Emergency services’ presentations and Junior Citizens’ programme

- Pupils contribute in proactive programmes designed to support others in making appropriate choices


Individual liberty

The positive learning ethos of Warren Junior School enables pupils to thrive in an environment where they are safe to learn how to make the right choices. Pupils are assisted by:

- Instruction visits for pupils from emergency services personnel

- A comprehensive e-safety programme including presentations from experts

- Curriculum and assemblies focus on positive role models from around the world to inspire children to achieve


Mutual respect

All pupils are taught our ‘Warren Way Skills’ programme, designed to teach respectful methods of interaction in school, with transferable skills that can be used in all areas of children’s lives. We further cultivate the concept of mutual respect by:

- Teaching Kelso’s Choices and the school’s ‘golden rules’

- Educating children to challenge prejudice and discrimination in all of its forms

- Promoting the school’s ‘See it! Say it! Stop it!’ anti-bullying campaign  




Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

At Warren Junior School we actively encourage pupils to take an interest in and develop respect and appreciation for the faiths, beliefs, cultures and lifestyles that are different to their own. This is achieved through:

- Delivering a detailed religious education curriculum, celebratory cultural theme days and school trips

- PSHE and assembly themes that encourage children to explore and value the rich diversity of cultures and lifestyles throughout the world 


Updated September 2018