Year 3

Year 3 home project

Create a storybook for a younger child.  Your book should contain a story, which is a narrative poem.  Colourful pictures and easy to read language.  Remember a narrative poem is a poem that tells a story.  The end of every other line in your poem should rhyme.

In your pack we have included the following:

  • Black card for your book
  • Some pictures to colour in to help you illustrate your book.
  • Some white labels to write your story on and stick them on the pages in your book.
  • A narrative poem example.

Website suggestions for home learning

Year 3 would like to suggest the following websites for home learning and the topics that should be studied: 

Fraction based activities at the top that are interactive games 

Multiplication and division activities 

Grammar activities (adverbs, nouns, completing/challenging stories etc) - revision and some activities to complete 

An interactive game where the children prepare a pharaoh’s body 

Interactive Egyptian learning - access learning/games on the left hand side

From all the Year 3 team stay safe and we look forward to seeing all the children upon our return to school.

Purple Mash

Work and activities have been set on for each year group based on our curriculum:


Use the Warren Junior link below to revise a variety of topics and subjects: