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Physical Exercise


Keeping physically active is always important. Due to the current restrictions we are all having to find new ways to keep active.

This page lists websites that are offering suggestions and activities  for your child to stay active during this time.

These links are all accurate at the time of posting and all YouTube links can be viewed via the YouTube app.



Physical Activity - March 2021

Virtual Sports Challenge

Are you up for a virtual sports challenge? 

Week 8


I hope you had fun creating different combinations when jumping from Lilly pad to Lilly pad. Miss Syed enjoying jumping from each one and missing out the middle Lilly pad which made the jump she had to do even bigger. Mrs Solanki was very creative with her Lilly pad combinations and was jumping, hopping and side stepping her way across.


I wonder who is up for completing a trio of challenges in the last week of virtual sports challenges? For these challenges you will need a frying pan or bat and a ball or ball of socks. Just remember when completing this challenge that you find a space where you are not going to break anything! 


Activity 1 - Top up tennis


Using a bat or a frying pan and ball or ball of socks, how many times can you tap the ball or ball of socks in the air in a minute using the frying pan or bat? If the ball touches the floor that is ok but your score will be frozen until you start tapping again. 


Once you have mastered this task, can you add 30 seconds extra to the timer and now try to flip your bat/frying pan over after each tap of the ball. 


Miss Hyland was really good at keeping the ball up with her frying pan and managed to do 20 in a minute! Can you beat her score? 


Activity 2 - Figure of 8


Using a ball or ball socks can you complete the figure of 8 challenge? Without dropping the ball or ball of socks can you pass the ball/ball of socks through both of your legs creating a figure of 8. How many times can you do this in a minute? 


Can you now pass the ball/ball of socks between your legs whilst walking around? How many steps can you do in 60 seconds? 


Mrs Goddard managed to do the figure of 8 challenge 8 times in a minute. 


Activity 3 - Around the world

Are you ready for the last challenge? Using your ball or ball of socks can you pass it around your waist without dropping in on the floor? I wonder how many times you do the around the world move  in 20 seconds? 

When we all return to school, don’t forget to let your teachers know how you got on completing this tricky trio of challenges. There may even be some chance cards up for grabs!


Good luck!


Here are some activities you can do remotely:

Premier Sports have produced a series of guided videos which enables children to be active and learn a variety of new skills involving; multi skills, football and dance. 




Warren Junior School has worked closely with the national Panathlon charity. Panathlon support children with special educational needs access physical education and gives them an opportunity to compete in a range of events. They have recently supplied the school with the links below for children during the time of school closure.





Association for Physical Education have created a series guided videos which works on a variety of different physical activity skills including problem solving, balance and agility. 




The BBC have produced a series of videos where children can have fun and follow the moves 




Change4life have create activity cards that children can complete indoors to keep them physical activity and indoor activities.




Cosmic Kids is a suggested resource from Sport England where children can do some yoga which is guided by a teacher on the video.




This Girl Can suggest a series of Disney dance workouts for children to complete.




UK Active Kids are placing new missions everyday for the children to complete and involves some top athletes/stars. I thought this might be a good link to put on the school website under physical activity. 




Youth Sport Trust have designed a series of 60 second challenges to help get children moving in between their school lessons



Youth Sport Trust also have an after school club which runs on a Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm, which allows children to feel part of a club whilst schools are shut and youth sport is on hold. On Tuesdays the club introduces the theme for the week and on Thursday the children get the opportunity to do sport specific activities. 




When exercising please ensure that you follow all current guidelines and only exercise in areas where it is safe to do so.